On Hold

On Hold A Millennial Love Story: Part Two I realize the standard way of doing things means that today I would release part two of the Millennial Love Story posts. But people who know me will tell you I don't typically do things the standard way. After a lot of thinking...or attempting to not think about it...I've [...]



The Forgiveness Process This is a fun topic. So many different kinds of forgiveness. Forgiving that boy for breaking your heart. Forgiving your sister for stealing your purse. Forgiving your best friend for telling a secret you told them in confidence. Forgiving yourself for eating three brownies instead of one. Then there’s the tough shit. [...]

Who Run The World?

Welcome to my blog! Thanks for coming! I am so excited that today is International Women’s Day and the debut of my website; the stars truly aligned! This is a place for good vibes and empowerment. My goal is to look at all of the shitty areas of life that help us grow into human [...]