about lizzie

Before I was 29 years old, 29 was my high school hockey number. My hockey number quickly became my favorite number (foreshadowing, anyone?!). It represented who I was. A member of a team. Who will sacrifice for the greater good of the team. Who will empower and cheer on the team beside me. Who knows how much sweeter it is when the team succeeds right along with me.

29 is more than an age. 29 is the year where I found myself again. 29 is the year I woke up from the fog that I had been living under. Plagued by my life experiences, unsure what to do with them. Suddenly, they vanished. After years of looking in all of the wrong places, I had finally found my way. I was able to learn how to deal with life’s challenges constructively, rather than destructively.

We can all get there. We can all grasp our happiness and free ourselves from anything that plagues us. I will help you get there.

Welcome to the I am 29 community. We’re so glad you’re here. And by ‘we,’ I mean me and my fur babies.