On Hold

On Hold

A Millennial Love Story: Part Two

I realize the standard way of doing things means that today I would release part two of the Millennial Love Story posts. But people who know me will tell you I don’t typically do things the standard way. After a lot of thinking…or attempting to not think about it…I’ve decided I am going to push the post about Frank back to a later date.

When I set out creating I am 29, I promised that I would be transparent and honest. Honesty includes telling my story but it also includes not pushing out work that I’m not ready to share for the sake of having a post.

In my Forgiveness post, I wrote about the importance of saying your peace but making sure this is as rational as possible. I did this with Frank, but I don’t feel at a place to write about our story the way I would like to and the way I did with Steven in A Millennial Love Story Part One: The Sailor. 

Steven was a different story. Moving on was long overdue with Steven, and I had been postponing severing ties with him hoping that we could make a friendship work. Strong feelings with Steven were gone a long time ago, or perhaps maybe just too damaged.

This is not the case with Frank. I have this thing where I allow myself a certain amount of time (which depends on the length I was with them) after a breakup to be sad, lay on the couch, feel what I want to feel and then I buck up. I put on my big girl pants and I get back to business. This doesn’t mean I’m over it, but I’m not going to let feelings get in the way of my goals. Quite frankly (see what I did there 😉), I’m still feeling intense emotions when I write and recall this one. Not lay on the couch with my fur babies sobbing while watching sappy movies intense, but not fully sorted through emotions intense. Angry; that’s a perfect word for it. Disappointed is definitely the other word that comes to mind when thinking about Frank.

When emotions are strong, I don’t feel I am able to produce the kind of story that should be shared with you all. So, in exchange, I have this post and a special post on Friday!

As always, kick ass today! It’s never too late in the day to kick ass.

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